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Who’s Supposed to be in the Nursery?

Has that question ever been asked at your church?  You may not have even heard the question, because it is usually whispered to an usher, or worse to the person in the next pew.  What kind of impression does it … Continue reading

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Add Everyone to Group

Every person in the directory can be added to a group.  For example, this could be used to track personal attendance for services.  In order to add everyone to a group, select Rosters, then select the group, then click the “Add … Continue reading

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Groups for Families

A group is automatically created for each family when the first family member is added to the directory (typically head of household). Family groups provide two primary benefits: Keep track of which people are in the same family (even if … Continue reading

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Email to Group Leaders & Helpers When Member Added

When a member is added to a group, an email will be automatically sent to the leaders and helpers for the group, unless the option is turned off.  To turn off the option, select Admin, then “Edit Church Info”, then … Continue reading

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Moving to the Cloud

In the past, a complex special purpose software program like church management software would require all of the following on the church premises: adequate hardware, experts to install and manage the software, training for users, networked computers, centralized storage, user … Continue reading

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