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Sunday School is for Everyone

Everyone should be in a Sunday School class, and now you can find out who is not yet enrolled. The Sunday School Candidates Report lists all people who are not in a Sunday School class. The report can be created … Continue reading

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Sunday School Low Attendance Report

The Sunday School Low Attendance Report lists the Sunday School class members that have not met the specified attendance criteria (number of weeks and percent present).  The report can be found in the Admin section of the Shining Light Technologies … Continue reading

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Ministries and Groups

Under each ministry, a link is provided to all groups associated with the ministry. All groups are part of a collection, but groups are not part of a ministry unless a ministry is set for the group.  This allows groups … Continue reading

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What is Happening With New People?

The New People Report provides a summary for all people who have been added in the past week, month, or year.  The report indicates when and why each person was added and provides a list of decisions and visits for … Continue reading

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