Giving Reports

Giving reports can be created for individual givers (e.g. end of year statement for tax purposes) or for the entire ministry.

Giving reports are only available to authorized users:

  • Users in the “Authorized for Giving Reports” group may summary giving reports (no personal giving records)
  • Users in both the “Authorized for Giving Reports” group and the “Authorized for Giving Records” group may view personal giving reports.

In order to create a giving report, select the “Giving Reports” link in the Giving window, then select the report type (Individual or Weekly by Category). Select the date range, and the report will be displayed. Each column represents a giving category, and each row represents a one week date range. For example, giving on Sunday and Wednesday would be combined into a single row. Regardless of the start and end dates selected, the rows will represent Sunday to Saturday as the range for each week.

In order to analyze (e.g. highs, lows, averages) or chart the data, copy the entire table when the report is created, and paste the table into a software program such as Microsoft Excel.


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