Activity Teams

When planning an activity that requires a team of people, such as a children’s activity, Web Church Manager provides the organization to make sure that you have the team prepared for the activity.

1. Create a group for the activity (e.g. Children’s Christmas Party)

2. Add team members to the group roster.

3. Send a broadcast email to the group requesting help for the activity, by clicking the “Email to¬†Group” link in the Groups window.

4. As team members respond to confirm that they can help with the activity, add them to the schedule for the acitivity. A schedule reminder will be generated for each team member.

5. You can edit the role details for each team member (e.g. “Serve Pizza”).

6. You can send another broadcast email a few days before the activity, reminding team members that they have committed to help with the activity.

7. Next year, you can start with the team from this year and make changes to the roster as necessary.


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