Background Checks

Background checks are recommended for any children’s ministry worker, whether paid staff or volunteer. For this reason, Shining Light Technologies software includes an enforcement policy to ensure that only approved people work with children. Any group that includes children, such as nursery and Sunday School, is marked as such. Any person over the age who is added to a group that includes children must first be added to the list of Approved Children’s Ministry Workers.

To initiate the background check process, give the candidate a Children’s Ministry Application, Child Protection Handbook, and Background Check Consent Form. When the forms are returned, treat them with the utmost confidentiality since the forms contain private data such as social security number.

The background check can be performed using any service, but we recommend Group Publishing’s Church Volunteer Central background check service through Lexis Nexis. The process is straightforward (using a web interface), the price is reasonable, the response is nearly immediate, and Lexis Nexis is a large and well-respected company. After signing up for Church Volunteer Central, Group will provide instructions for performing the background check through Lexis Nexis.

After submitting the background check request, use a permanent marker to make the person’s social security number illegible on the application.

If any issues are found during the Background Check process, discuss the situation with the senior pastor to determine the appropriate next step, but do not, under any circumstances, add the person to the approved list until a background check is successfully completed.

After the Background Check is complete, add the screened worker to the approved list. In the Groups window, click the Rosters button, select the Approved Children’s Ministry Workers group from the list, select “Add Person from¬†Directory”, select the approved person from the list, and submit the change.

After the person is added to the approved list, the person can be added to the roster for groups that include children, such as nursery, Sunday School, etc.


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