Checkin is a simple way to take attendance live with a single click. Checkin integrates attendance tracking with pager systems and child safety precautions.

Examples of opportunities to use checkin include:

  • Nursery – Touch screen or laptop at the nursery window allows parents or nursery workers to checkin a child, issue a pager or pickup number, add instructions (e.g. “feed at 11:30″). When the parent returns, the checkin screen can be used to confirm that the pager matches the issued pager number, in order to enforce child pickup policy. If the parent is needed during the service, the pager number on the checkin screen can be used to determine which pager should be called.
  • Sunday School – Upon arrival, each class member can be checked in to the class.  With centralized checkin (e.g. at the Church Welcome Center), a family can checkin for all classes.
  • Activities – Create a roster for any activity. Checkin each person who is registered for the activity, and use the instructions/comments field to capture details such as lane assignment for a bowling activity. With wireless internet service, checkin can be used for a remote activity such as bowling.

There are two checkin options: Quick Checkin and Full Checkin. Quick Checkin is a single click method to indicate that a person is present.  Full checkin allows additional details to be added, such as instructions/comments and a pager number (for integration with nursery paging systems).

To initiate checkin, click the checkin button in the Groups window.  Select the group. Click the “Quick Checkin” link to check a person in. Click the “Full Checkin” link to enter a pager number and instructions/comments while checking the person in. Click the “Undo Checkin” link to remove the person (e.g. if accidentally checked in).


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