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Leaders and helpers in each group can be scheduled for ministry service or for any other scheduling function, such as group member of the week.  Printed reminders and phone calls are generated to remind the helpers.  The printed and phone reminders cut down on “no-shows” due to people forgetting that they were scheduled. The scheduling capability also prevents conflicts such as trying to schedule the same person in nursery and toddlers on the same day.

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To access schedules, click the “Schedule” button in the Groups window.

Prior to scheduling a person, the person must first be added to the roster for the group.

On the schedule page, select a group from the list. The list of groups is restricted based on your leadership roles and based on your rights level.

Change the month and year to the month and year for which you are scheduling.  Click a day on the calendar.

Choose a person from the list, select the scheduling frequency (e.g. every 4 weeks), and click the “Submit” button.  By default, only leaders and helpers of groups can be scheduled.  In order to schedule any group member (e.g. special music group), edit the group and check the “Schedule All Members” checkbox.

If a helper in the group is not listed, then that person was already scheduled in another ministry in the same time slot.

To remove a person from the schedule on a particular date, click the next to the person.

To remove the person from the schedule for the particular date and all future dates, click the next to the person.

To view a list of people scheduled in the future (e.g. to post in the nursery), click the “Reports” link at the top of the page, select the group, and choose a date range.  Click “Full Screen” before printing the report.


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