Send Message to Group (Text/Email)

Broadcast email or text messages can be sent to any group. For example, a message could be sent for any of the following scenarios:

  • A high school Sunday School teacher sends a quick text message to remind students to read the Bible passage before class.
  • The nursery coordinator sends an email to all nursery workers to remind them about a meeting after the Sunday evening service.
  • The church secretary sends a broadcast email requesting prayer for a church member’s emergency medical condition.

To send a broadcast email message, open the Groups window in the Shining Light Technologies application. Click the “Message to Group” link. Select the group or collection of groups to which the email will be sent. Note the group members who will receive the message and those who will not receive the message (phone calls or text messages could be sent to the users who do not have email). Enter the subject and body of the email message (include a greeting in the body such as “Teen Sunday School Class, …” or “Dear Students, …”). Click the “Send Email” button to send the message.

To send a text message instead of email, click the “Send text message” link rather than composing an email message. Select the group or collection to which the text message will be sent. Note the group members who will receive the text message and those who will not receive the message. Enter the subject and a short message, and click the “Send Text Message” button to send the message.

The text message will be sent as an email to SMS using each group member’s mobile number and mobile carrier (e.g. “”). To select the mobile carrier for each group member, edit the group member’s directory profile and select the mobile carrier. The directory profile edit page includes a link to perform a carrier lookup. This manual step makes it possible to send free broadcast text messages (a lookup service that can be accessed dynamically requires a per message service fee). If a carrier is not specified for a particular group member, the message will be sent to the member’s mobile number at each of the major U.S. mobile carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc). Note that this will result in rejected email messages to the sender from the incorrect carriers.

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