Promote Members of Group to New Group

When a new school year starts, children are typically promoted to a new class for Sunday School (Promotion Sunday) and midweek children’s clubs (e.g. Master Clubs).

If a group has a next group defined (e.g. 2nd Grade Sunday School is the next group for 1st Grade Sunday School), a “Promote” link will appear next the group on the Group list page.  The next group is selected from the Edit Groups page.

Click the “Promote” link next to the group, and all members of the group will be moved to the next group.

All Personal Attendance will be deleted and converted to Group Attendance, so database backup is recommended prior to promoting groups.

Promote the groups in reverse order from the oldest group (e.g. 6th grade) to the youngest group (e.g. preschool).  If the oldest grade is moving out of the ministry entirely (e.g. 6th grade moving out of Master Club), create a group (e.g. “Master Club Graduates) in the collection, set the graduates group as the next group for the oldest group, and promote the oldest group to the graduates group.

If a group contains some members that should be promoted and some members that should not be promoted (e.g. Primary Boys to Middler Boys), each member can be promoted individually using the promote link on the roster.


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