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The missions component of Web Church Manager can displayed in a kiosk such as a touchscreen missions kiosk in your church foyer. The computer used to host the kiosk must be connected to the internet.

Any kiosk program that provides access to web content can be used, but Shining Light Technologies recommends Kioware Lite. Shining Light Technologies provides a configuration template for Kioware Lite that will allow you to quickly set up your Kioware application once you have purchased, downloaded, and installed it on your computer.

After Kioware Lite is installed on the computer that will host the kiosk, save the configuration template to the computer. Open the KioWare Lite Config Tool. Select File->Load Settings from File. Browse to the configuration template and select the file. On the General config screen, modify the Start Page URL to include the ClientID of your church. On the General config screen, set a new passcode for Kioware Lite Shutdown. Then select File->Save to Local Settings.

Kioware Lite will timeout after 90 seconds of inactivity. To change the inactivity timeout, modify the Screen Saver Wait Time. When Kioware Lite times out, it will automatically load the page(s) specified by the Screen Saver setting. The is currently configured to use the Missions Kiosk Attract page supplied by Shining Light Technologies. You can override this setting to point to your own screen saver page(s) by modifying the Screen Saver setting.

Launch Kioware Lite. To exit Kioware Lite, click on the top left, then top right, then bottom right, then bottom left area of the screen. Enter the 4 digit passcode that you configured.

Kioware Lite will only allow access to websites that you add to the Access List in the Kioware Lite configuration. This guarantees that Kiosk users will not be able to access inappropriate content. Add to the Access List any websites that correspond to your missionaries and mission boards.


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