Automatic Visits

A user with administrator rights (platinum) can enable/disable automatic visits for decisions and for visits (follow-up visits).

Visits are generated automatically for the following decisions:

  • “Salvation” (person gets saved): Visit reason = Salvation Follow Up
  • “Baptism” (person decides to get baptized): Visit reason = Baptism Follow-up
  • “Visit Church” (person visits church): Visit reason = Visitor Follow Up

Visits are generated automatically for the following visit results:

  • “Salvation” (person gets saved): 7 days later
  • “Witnessed”: 14 days later
  • “Not Home”: 3 days later
  • “Needs Follow Up”: 7 days later
  • “Plans To Visit”: 21 days later

If a follow-up visit is generated for a visit, the notes will indicate this as “Follow up previous visit…” The date created will reflect the number of days since the previous visits (e.g. a visit completed today with a result of “Plans to Visit” will result in a visit with a date created 21 days in the future).


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