Create Visits for Prospects (in bulk)

The following steps will import prospects into the database in bulk, and generate visits automatically.  This process also summarizes (keeps statistics) and deletes unproductive visits/prospects (e.g. not home) and unvisited prospects prior to importing the new prospects.

  • BACKUP THE DATABASE before importing prospects.
  • If the prospects are new move-ins received from a mailing list company, save the text file(s) from the mailing list company, acknowledge receipt to the mailing list company, open the text file in Excel (comma delimited), delete and rearrange columns so that columns are <Last Name><First Name><Street Address><City><State><Postal Code>.
  • Add header row (“LastName”, “FirstName”, “StreetAddress”, “City”, “State”, “PostalCode”, “HomePhone”, ”CurrentChurch”, ”DateOfBirth”, ”Email”, ”OtherInfo”).
  • If the prospects are new move-ins received from a mailing list company, sort by LastName and remove redundant records, sort by City and remove unwanted cities, remove records with post office boxes, remove records with empty fields (e.g. no zip code).
  • Add a “-“ to any cells with missing information (e.g. DateOfBirth, OtherInfo).
  • Save the Excel file on your computer (*.xls).
  • Save Excel file again as a comma separated text file (*.csv).
  • Open the comma separated text file (*.csv) in Notepad, highlight the entire file, and Copy from the Edit menu to copy the entire file to the Windows clipboard.
  • Click the “Import Outreach Contacts” link.
  • Select a Contact Source from the drop-down list.
  • Click once in the input text box and select Paste from the Edit menu to paste the contents of the clipboard into the input text box.
  • Click the “Import Contacts” button.
  • Assign the new visits (optional).
  • Print the new visits for distribution.

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