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The resource component provides a database of sermons and other resources published by a church, which can be linked from the church website1. Links to resources on other websites may be included in the resource database as well. The resource database is available to visitors to the church website as well as logged-in users. Users can select a type of resource to find, and users can search for resources by keywords.

To add a new resource, login and select the add resource link2. Enter as much information about the resource as you know. A logged in administrative user can upload resources to your church website3

Key values entered for each resource include:

Field Description Example
Title Short title for the resource A Thankful People
Description Short phrase describing the resource Sunday Morning Message 11/27/08 – Pastor Ron Smith
Keywords Words that a user might search for and locate the resource thankful, content, thanksgiving, thanks, grateful, praise
Type Classify the resource Sermon

1. Link example:

2. In order to add/edit resources, you must be added to the corresponding authorization group by an administrative user.

3. In order to upload resources to your church website, a file upload software component must be installed on your church website in order to perform the upload. Contact for help installing the file upload software component.


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