Visit Details

The visit details page is used to add or modify a visit. For a new visit, select a person to visit from the list of people in the database. The date of the visit and the visit reason must be provided. A built-in calendar simplifies the process of entering the date of the visit. For a new visit, enter the date when the visit will be made or was made (in the case of door-to-door visitation). If the visit actually is made on a different date, the date can be updated later. The visit result does not need to be set for a new visit. Visits can be assigned either by selecting a person making the visit from the list on the visit details page or by navigating to the visit assignment page. Detailed notes are optional (e.g. “witnessed and left tract”). If a follow-up visit is desired (e.g. result is “not home”), select the number of weeks in which to generate the follow-up visit.
Visit Details

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