Assign Infractions (Demerits, Detentions, Absent, etc)

Teachers, secretaries, and administrators can assign demerits, detentions, tardy, and absent to any student in the school.  Your summary page contains a list of infraction types along with the number of infractions you have assigned of that type.  The infractions page lists the infractions of a particular type.

To assign an infraction, on your summary page, click the number in the infractions table next to the type of infraction you are assigning (e.g. “Demerit”).  On the infractions page, enter a date, type of infraction, choose a student from the list, enter comments (e.g. “disrespect”), click the “Add” check box, then click the “Submit Changes” button.

When an infraction is assigned, an email is automatically sent to the parent(s) of the student to which the infraction is assigned.

To remove an infraction, click the “Remove” link next to the infraction in the infractions table, then click the “Submit Changes” button.


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