Grade Computation

Each type of assignment is weighted according to importance.  The following table lists the weight for each assignment type.

Type Weight
Homework 1
Test 10
Final Exam 20
Minor Project 10
Report 4
Participation 4
Notebook 10
Major Project 30

To compute an average grade for a class, each graded assignment is multiplied by its weight and the resulting value is added to a weighted total.  The weighted total for all graded assignments is then divided by the total of all the weights for the assignments.

As an example, a student receives a grade of 97% for a report, 89% for a test, 100% for a homework assignment, and 95% for participation.  The weighted total is (97 x 4) + (89 x 10) + (100 x 1) + (95 x 4) = 388 + 890 + 100 + 380 = 1758.  The total of all the weights for the assignments if 4 + 10 + 1 + 4 = 19.  The student’s average grade is 1758 / 19 = 92.5.  This example demonstrates that the test affects the student’s grade more than the homework, report, or participation, because the test has a higher weight.

One exception to the method of computation is that the average for all of the quiz grades in a particular class equals one test grade.


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