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Users include students, teachers, secretaries, and administrators.  The capabilities available depend on the type of user logged into the Gradebook (e.g. students cannot assign grades).  To access the list of users in the school, click the “Manage Users” link. To add a user, click the “Add User” link.  Select person from the list of people in the directory, select the appropriate user type and diploma type, then click the “Submit Changes” button.  Before users can be added to the school, they must first be added to the directory.

To remove a user, click the “Remove” link next to the user.  A confirmation box will appear at the top of the page.  If the “Confirm Delete” box is checked and the “Submit” button is clicked, the user will be deleted, along with all grades.  Teachers are not able to remove users due to the infrequent need to remove users and the unrecoverable nature of this action.



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