Church Visitation Follow-up Software

Shining Light Technologies software makes it easy to follow-up on people who visit your church. The church visitation follow-up software is found in the Outreach component of the Shining Light Technologies software. When a person visits your church, he or she typically fills out a visitor card. The information from the visitor card is entered into the Shining Light Technologies database, and a follow-up visit is created automatically. When an outreach team member makes the follow-up visit, the outreach team member should thank the person for visiting the church, ask the person if he or she has any questions about the church, provide information about the ministries of the church, and present the Gospel if the person is not saved.

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit


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