Online Church Management Software to Fulfill the Great Commission

Online church management software provides many advantages, including the following:

Low Cost: There are hidden costs associated with software installed at the church, including the cost to purchase and maintain a server computer, the cost to purchase multiple copies of the software or to purchase a site license, the cost for upgrades to the software for each computer, and the cost to purchase a service contract.  With web based church management software, a single subscription covers all users.

High Availability: Online church management software puts the information at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.  Access the software from any computing device with an Internet connection, including Windows computers, Apple computers, Linux computers, and mobile devices.  If you have a web enabled mobile phone, you can even login from the road or the coffee shop and look up information.  Data is synchronized in real time across all users.  If someone makes a change, everyone using the software will see the change immediately.

More Involvement: Web based church management software allows your volunteers to contribute their time and talents to the ministry by handling tasks like attendance tracking, outreach, and directory updates.  In addition, church members can login securely to update their own personal information.

Public Access: Most people who visit your church will first visit your church website.  Web based church management software allows you to provide dynamic information such as calendar, event registration, resources, and missions through your website’s public interface without web programming.

Simple Interface: Personal computer applications are unique and typically complicated to navigate.  The learning curve for your staff will be minimal with online church management software since most people are already accustomed to web applications.

Rapid Startup: Your entire church can quickly get started using web based church management software.  Rather than install software on every computer at the church, simply open a web browser and you are ready to go.  We can import the data from your existing program, as long as the program can export the data into a standard format such as comma separated values.

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit


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