Summary of Components and Features

The Shining Light Technologies software includes the following components and features:


  • Track door-to-door visitation
  • Create and assign visits
  • Record decisions
  • Manage prospects from outreach events


  • Maintain profile for each person
  • Track membership status and life events
  • Search directory by age, address, name, etc
  • Download search results to create mailings


  • Maintain group rosters
  • Track attendance
  • Perform one-click check-in
  • Send email to group
  • Schedule ministry service
  • Automatically generate service reminders


  • Create missions touch-screen kiosk
  • Show missionary profiles and prayer letters


  • Create database of resources
  • Publish sermons online


  • Show upcoming events
  • Allow anyone to register for events

Gradebook (optional)

  • Manage class rosters
  • Manage assignments and grades
  • Print report cards and transcripts

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit


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