Add Person

In the Directory, click the Add Person link.

If the family to which the person belongs has already has been added to the directory, select the family from the list. The address and phone number will be filled in automatically.

Enter as much information as possible about the new person, such as phone number, email, address, birthdate, gender, and occupation.

Select the appropriate status (e.g. prospect).

Click the Submit Changes button to add the new person.

If the person with the same name is already in the directory, a warning will be returned. You can override the warning and add the person with the same name, or edit the person who is already in the directory.

Add the new person to the appropriate rosters, such as deacon’s lists, care groups, and Sunday School classes. In the Groups window, click the Rosters button, select the group from the list, and add the new person to the group.

Generate a family report so that the new person has the login information necessary to access the directory.

See Also: New Birth, Add Family, Edit Person


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