Training Videos for Web Based Church Management Software

The following short videos show how to perform tasks with the Shining Light Technologies software.

In order to view the videos, you must have QuickTime.

Install Quicktime

  1. Add Person to Directory
  2. Edit Person in Directory
  3. Search Directory (advanced)
  4. Add Group
  5. Add Collection of Groups
  6. Add People to Group Roster
  7. Enter Personal Attendance for Group
  8. Enter Group Attendance
  9. Schedule Ministry Service
  10. Send Email to Group
  11. Send Text Message to Group
  12. Enforce Child Protection for Group
  13. View Dashboard for My Church
  14. Establish Outreach Team
  15. Add Decision
  16. Perform Visit
  17. Print Visit
  18. Link Visits and Decisions
  19. Visit Street (Door-to-Door)
  20. Create VIP List (Prospects)
  21. Giving

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