New Birth

In the Directory, click the Add Person link.

Choose the family into which the new baby was born. The address and phone number will be filled in automatically.

Enter the new baby’s birthdate, gender, and select regular attender as the status (unless the family does not attend regularly, in which case the status that matches the family should be used, such as occasional attender).

Click the Submit Changes button to add the new baby.

If deacon’s lists or care groups are used, add the new baby to the appropriate deacon’s list and/or care group roster by clicking the Rosters button, selecting the group from the list, and adding the new baby to the group.

If attendance is tracked for the nursery, add the baby to the appropriate nursery roster(s).

Notify care group leaders.

Arrange meals for the family.

Add a note to the bulletin.

See Also: Add Person


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