Create Mail Merge

Mass mailings can be created using the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word. Excel spreadsheets can be downloaded from the website with the information needed to provide the mail merge to Word.

1. Download directory data to local computer: In the Directory window, click the Search button and enter the search criteria for the mailing list (e.g. all women). On the search results page, click the “Download Directory” link and save the downloaded file to any location on your local computer.

2. Set up Word document: Open Word and create the letter or envelope file. After composing the letter or setting up the envelope in the desired format, initiate the Word mail merge wizard (e.g. Tools -> Letters and Mailings -> Mail Merge in Word 2003). Follow the steps in the mail merge wizard, and when prompted to select recipients, browse to the Excel file downloaded in step 1. Finish the mail merge wizard.

3. Add merge fields: In Word, activate the mail merge toolbar and select the “Insert Merge Field” icon. Add each merge field in the desired location in the letter or envelope file.

4. Print merged document: In Word, select the Merge to Printer icon on the mail merge toolbar. Select the desired set of records to print.


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