Acquisition & Retention Effectiveness

With Shining Light Technologies software, you can determine how effective your church is at gaining and keeping church members.  With data in hand, you can answer tough questions such as…

  • How many people who are identified as prospects actually visit our church?
  • What percentage of prospects get saved?
  • How do our community outreach events compare to our radio advertisements?
  • How many people who visit our church become church members?
  • What is the ratio between people coming to our church because they moved into the area and people leaving our church because they moved out of the area?
  • What percentage of people leave the church because of dissatisfaction, disinterest, lack of spiritual maturity, trials, or some other reason?
  • What is the ratio of members to regular attenders?
  • How many members and regular attenders are enrolled in Sunday School classes or other small groups?
  • How many members are serving in ministry?

Use the Contact Source field for each person added to the directory to help gauge “acquisition effectiveness”.  Use the Status field for each person in the directory to help gauge “retention effectiveness” of your ministry.


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