VIP Summary Report

Outreach Team Members can add prospects, new converts, and other people to their personal list of Very Important People (VIPs).  The Outreach Director can assign VIPs to Outreach Team Members as well.  The VIP Summary Report shows which VIPs are not assigned to any Outreach Team Members so that nobody falls through the cracks.  Look for progress by comparing the current report to the last time that the report was run (“Last” and “Change” columns in the summary table). To access the VIP Summary Report, go to the admin window and click the VIP Summary report link on the left side. The report can be filtered by age and status. For example, the youth pastor can focus on just the teens.

To assign people to VIP lists, go to the Outreach window, click the Outreach Team link, click the VIP List link next to the desired Outreach Team member, and add a VIP to the Outreach Team member’s VIP list.


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