Broadcast Email Tips

To send an email without formatting, use the broadcast messaging feature built into the Shining Light Technologies software.

To send a broadcast email with graphics (e.g. banner) and custom formatting, download a copy of the roster and compose the broadcast email using your local email program:

  1. Go to Groups
  2. Select Rosters
  3. Select the desired Group
  4. Download the Roster (Excel file)
  5. Sort on the email column so that valid email addresses are separated from empty/invalid entries
  6. Copy and paste the email addresses into the email BCC. Copy and paste 50 at a time since some email programs can’t handle too many email addresses at once

Follow these general tips for sending broadcast email messages:

  1. Bcc everyone to avoid reply-alls and to avoid email addresses getting in the wrong hands.
  2. Avoid large attachments.  Post large files to your web server and send a link instead.
  3. Minimize frequency.  Infrequent meaningful emails are more welcome than frequent trivial emails.

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