When a Person Leaves the Church

A person may leave the church by death, moving, becoming unfaithful, or by going to another church.

Notify senior pastor and all assistant pastors.

There are two options for updating the directory. One option is to delete the person entirely from the system, the other option is to change the person’s membership status. If the church desires to keep a record of former church members, in order to make it simpler to add people who return and in order to run reports to determine why people leave the church, choose the latter option. With this option, any outreach information pertaining to the person is maintained. In either case, all group memberships other than family will be removed for the person who left the church.

In the Directory, click the Search button and search for the person.

If a letter of transfer has been requested by another church, check with the senior pastor to ensure that a letter of transfer is acceptable, and if so write and send the letter of transfer.

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