Free Project/Task Management Tool

After trying many project/task management tools and finding them all lacking, Shining Light Technologies recommends Asana as a tool to manage church ministry projects and tasks.

Highlights include:

  1. Free for up to 15 users
  2. Stable and reliable
  3. Multiple workspaces to keep church and personal tasks separate
  4. Automatic email notifications (e.g. when task assigned, when task is due, etc)
  5. Supports all browsers and mobile devices
  6. Supports import – simply copy and paste a list of tasks
  7. Create custom reports – for example, show all overdue tasks, all tasks due in next two days, etc
  8. Supports push notifications
  9. Easy to add collaborators
  10. Supports attachments

Here is an example of a simple project:

Here is an example of the reporting options:


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