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To search for a person, click the “People” button on the main directory page.  Enter the search criteria to find the person (e.g. enter “James” in the First Name box), then click the “Perform Search” button. Combinations of search criteria can be used to refine the search results, such as Last Name = “Smith” and Status = “Active Member”. Search by age range to find a group of people in the target age group, such as all teenagers or all men between the ages of 18 and 30.

The person or family you are searching for may have declined to share their personal information. By default, information is not shared, so the person or family you are looking for may not have indicated yet that they choose to share their information. If you believe the person or family you are looking for has chosen to share their information, check the spelling or try looking for a subset of the name for which you are searching (e.g. “Grady” instead of “O’Grady”).  If you have sufficient rights to view all personal information (e.g. church secretary), the user’s preference to share information will not block you from accessing the information.


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