Watch for Ministry Burnout

Generally, church members should not miss more than one service a week.  Every church member must be fed in order to prevent burnout.  Since ministry leaders may not talk to each other to make sure a church member is not overused, and since some church members (especially teens) will not let ministry leaders know that they are overcommitted, a periodic audit of ministry service is recommended.

In order to determine how often a church member is serving in ministry, search for the person’s name in the directory, then click the “schedule” link in the search results to display the person’s schedule.  Keep in mind that if the ministry leader has not updated the schedule recently, then the schedule will not display.  You can also click the “groups” link to see the list of ministries in which a church member is involved.

Consider alternating ministry service.  For example, have one couple serve in children’s church one week, and another couple on the opposite week.  Use the scheduling component in the Groups module to make sure that your volunteers do not forget which week they are supposed to serve.

Another area to watch for is insufficient family time.  If your ministry leaders and helpers seem to spend more time at the church than with their families, an encouraging word may be in order.


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