Event Registration

People can register (sign up) for a future event on your church calendar.  For example, if the church is hosting a men’s retreat, attendees can sign up from home or via a kiosk at the church Welcome Center. Users may register other family members.  For example, a mom can register her children for Vacation Bible School. Church staff (users with rights level higher than 1) may also register anyone for an event.

Public access to your church website can also be tied to event registration.  A prospective attendee can select the “New Account” link on the login page to simultaneously create an account and register for the event. This give the church an automated way to allow new prospects to indicate interest in church activities.

If a group is tied to an event, registration and checkin can be used together to register and sign in. For example, if the church is planning a bowling activity, add the event to the church calendar, then add a group (e.g. “Children’s Activities”), then tie the group to the event. Children sign up for the bowling activity, and a laptop at the bowling alley is used to confirm each child has arrived for the activity. Roster details can be used to add supplemental information such as bowling lane assignments.

On the calendar, click the event to access the event details page.

On the event details page, click the “Register” link to register yourself or someone else.

On the event details page, click the “Registration List” link to view a list of people registered for the event.

On the Registration List page, click the “Cancel Registration” link to cancel registration for a particular person.

Example: Register for VBS


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