Facility Resources

Facility Resources such as conference rooms, banquet halls, and classrooms can be reserved for events on the calendar. The Facility Resource will be listed as the location of the event when a user views event details on the calendar.

Create/Edit Facility Resources by clicking the “Facility Resources” link on the calendar.

Prior to reserving a facility resource for a calendar event, the event must be created with a valid start date and time and end date and time. This prevents duplicate reservations of the same Facility Resources.  For example, if “Banquet Hall” is reserved from 6 PM to 9 PM on April 17th for “Singles Dinner”, then “Banquet Hall” will not be presented in the available resource list for other events scheduled in the reserved time slot.

To reserve a Facility Resource for an event, edit the event and click the “Reserve Facility Resource” link on the event details page. Select the Facility Resource from the list, the click the “Submit Changes” button.

To cancel a Facility Resource reservation, edit the event and click the “Cancel Reservation” link on the event details page.


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