Add Family to Directory

Add Family

Each person is assigned to a family, so in order to add a person, a family must be created for the person, even if the person is single.

A family can be added explicitly by adding a group with the family name in the Groups window, however this is not required. By default, when a person is added, a family with the same name is created automatically.

Each person in the same family that is added to the directory must be added to the family. On the add person page, choose the family from the list. The address and phone number will be filled in automatically.

Add each person to the family, including the head of household (unless added as part of previous step), selecting the family.

After all people have been added to the family, print a family report, verify that all information is correct, then give the family report to the new family.

If the new family is joining the church immediately, bring the individual family members into church membership.

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