Ministry Utilization Report

Unfortunately, the saying that 10% of the people do 90% of the work has been proven true in many of our churches. The Ministry Utilization Report shows how well your church is getting members involved in ministry. On one hand, you can see who is not involved in ministry, and on the other hand you can see who is overloaded.

View a Sample Report. Look for movement by comparing the current report to the last time that the report was run (“Last” and “Change” columns in the summary table).

To access the Ministry Utilization Report, go to the admin panel and click the Ministry Utilization report link on the left side. The report can be filtered by age and status. For example, the youth pastor can focus on just the teens. To assign people to ministry, add them to the appropriate group(s) as a leader or helper.

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Group List Web Service

One of the challenges of creating a useful church website is the maintenance associated with information that changes over time. Shining Light Technologies provides a tool that allows church website developers to integrate lists of groups along with group leader contact info into their websites using a Group List Web Service.  Website developers can control the layout and presentation of the information without worrying about the backend data retrieval.  Website pages can be built to show lists of small groups, Sunday School classes, deacons, care groups, ministry service teams, etc.

The URL for the web service is<ClientID>&Collection=<Collection>&Callback=<Callback>, where <ClientID> is the ID of the church, <Collection> is the collection to be retrieved (e.g. Sunday School, Deacons Lists, etc), and <Callback> is the JSONP (JSON with padding) callback function reference, which is used to workaround the cross-domain restriction inherent in AJAX.  An example link to retrieve a list of Sunday School classes for a demo church is School&Callback=myCallback.

The API returns the result in JSON format.  The client website can parse the JSON response in JavaScrip.

The example at shows how a client site can render the results.  The example uses jQuery, which is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that handles the client/server interaction.  Copy the code between the “<!–Copy this code to client website–>” and “<!–End copy this code to client website–>” comments to the your website and modify as needed.

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Acquisition & Retention Effectiveness

With Shining Light Technologies software, you can determine how effective your church is at gaining and keeping church members.  With data in hand, you can answer tough questions such as…

  • How many people who are identified as prospects actually visit our church?
  • What percentage of prospects get saved?
  • How do our community outreach events compare to our radio advertisements?
  • How many people who visit our church become church members?
  • What is the ratio between people coming to our church because they moved into the area and people leaving our church because they moved out of the area?
  • What percentage of people leave the church because of dissatisfaction, disinterest, lack of spiritual maturity, trials, or some other reason?
  • What is the ratio of members to regular attenders?
  • How many members and regular attenders are enrolled in Sunday School classes or other small groups?
  • How many members are serving in ministry?

Use the Contact Source field for each person added to the directory to help gauge “acquisition effectiveness”.  Use the Status field for each person in the directory to help gauge “retention effectiveness” of your ministry.

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Giving Overview

The Giving component provides the capability to track giving for members and non-members. Easily tabulate giving each week with an intuitive ledger. Quickly split giving across multiple categories with hot keys navigation. Simplify the process of setting up new givers with envelopes for tracking purposes. Customize the list of giving categories to match your church. Create quarterly and end of year giving reports for members.


To add/edit giving records, view the following help topic.

Administrators may set up individual users with access rights to the giving component.  For details, view the giving authorization help topic.

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Add/Modify Giving Record

To add a new giving record, click the plus button on the giving ledger.  Select a person or envelope number from the selection list.

Enter the amount for each category, using the designated letter preceding each category to navigate to a category without using the mouse.  Enter ‘z’ to navigate to the check # field.  Press the ENTER/RETURN key to save the giving record and navigate to the next envelope #, or click the check mark button to return to the giving ledger.


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Training Videos for Web Based Church Management Software

The following short videos show how to perform tasks with the Shining Light Technologies software.

In order to view the videos, you must have QuickTime.

Install Quicktime

  1. Add Person to Directory
  2. Edit Person in Directory
  3. Search Directory (advanced)
  4. Add Group
  5. Add Collection of Groups
  6. Add People to Group Roster
  7. Enter Personal Attendance for Group
  8. Enter Group Attendance
  9. Schedule Ministry Service
  10. Send Email to Group
  11. Send Text Message to Group
  12. Enforce Child Protection for Group
  13. View Dashboard for My Church
  14. Establish Outreach Team
  15. Add Decision
  16. Perform Visit
  17. Print Visit
  18. Link Visits and Decisions
  19. Visit Street (Door-to-Door)
  20. Create VIP List (Prospects)
  21. Giving
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Free Church Management Software to Fulfill the Great Commission

Shining Light Technologies offers churches free church management software for two months.  All of the features of the program will be available to you, and you can enter as much data as you want in a database dedicated to your church.  If you decide at the end of the free trial that you do not want to order the software, you can download and keep your data.

The free church management software offer includes online help and personal email and phone support.  After the two month free trial period, you can continue to use the software for a low monthly price.  The monthly price is guaranteed for 3 years from the date that you start using the software.  You can cancel the monthly software subscription at any time, and you can download and keep your data if you cancel.

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit

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Benefits of a Church Management Software Suite

Shining Light Technologies provides a web based suite of software services that manages the information your church depends on to effectively fulfill the Great Commission.  Shining Light Technologies software provides 3 primary benefits:

Save Time

  • Find information quickly
  • Access from anywhere
  • Replace complex tools with web interface
  • Replace multiple lists with one database
  • Enlist volunteers to help maintain data
  • Avoid complicated software installations
  • Keep information up to date
  • Obtain instant access to new features

Save Money

  • Spend staff hours more efficiently
  • Remove redundancy and waste
  • Involve more volunteers in ministry
  • Skip initial costly software purchase
  • Pay based on size of your church
  • Avoid purchasing multiple licenses

Save Aggravation

  • Keep accurate records
  • Use reports to gain visibility
  • Increase accountability
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website
  • Maintain privacy
  • Rely on excellent support and backups

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit

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Summary of Components and Features

The Shining Light Technologies software includes the following components and features:


  • Track door-to-door visitation
  • Create and assign visits
  • Record decisions
  • Manage prospects from outreach events


  • Maintain profile for each person
  • Track membership status and life events
  • Search directory by age, address, name, etc
  • Download search results to create mailings


  • Maintain group rosters
  • Track attendance
  • Perform one-click check-in
  • Send email to group
  • Schedule ministry service
  • Automatically generate service reminders


  • Create missions touch-screen kiosk
  • Show missionary profiles and prayer letters


  • Create database of resources
  • Publish sermons online


  • Show upcoming events
  • Allow anyone to register for events

Gradebook (optional)

  • Manage class rosters
  • Manage assignments and grades
  • Print report cards and transcripts

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit

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Online Church Management Software to Fulfill the Great Commission

Online church management software provides many advantages, including the following:

Low Cost: There are hidden costs associated with software installed at the church, including the cost to purchase and maintain a server computer, the cost to purchase multiple copies of the software or to purchase a site license, the cost for upgrades to the software for each computer, and the cost to purchase a service contract.  With web based church management software, a single subscription covers all users.

High Availability: Online church management software puts the information at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.  Access the software from any computing device with an Internet connection, including Windows computers, Apple computers, Linux computers, and mobile devices.  If you have a web enabled mobile phone, you can even login from the road or the coffee shop and look up information.  Data is synchronized in real time across all users.  If someone makes a change, everyone using the software will see the change immediately.

More Involvement: Web based church management software allows your volunteers to contribute their time and talents to the ministry by handling tasks like attendance tracking, outreach, and directory updates.  In addition, church members can login securely to update their own personal information.

Public Access: Most people who visit your church will first visit your church website.  Web based church management software allows you to provide dynamic information such as calendar, event registration, resources, and missions through your website’s public interface without web programming.

Simple Interface: Personal computer applications are unique and typically complicated to navigate.  The learning curve for your staff will be minimal with online church management software since most people are already accustomed to web applications.

Rapid Startup: Your entire church can quickly get started using web based church management software.  Rather than install software on every computer at the church, simply open a web browser and you are ready to go.  We can import the data from your existing program, as long as the program can export the data into a standard format such as comma separated values.

Shining Light Technologies provides a low cost web based church management software package that is geared towards churches that are trying to fulfill the Great Commission.  For more information, contact or visit

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