Automatic Visits

A user with administrator rights (platinum) can enable/disable automatic visits for decisions and for visits (follow-up visits).

Visits are generated automatically for the following decisions:

  • “Salvation” (person gets saved): Visit reason = Salvation Follow Up
  • “Baptism” (person decides to get baptized): Visit reason = Baptism Follow-up
  • “Visit Church” (person visits church): Visit reason = Visitor Follow Up

Visits are generated automatically for the following visit results:

  • “Salvation” (person gets saved): 7 days later
  • “Witnessed”: 14 days later
  • “Not Home”: 3 days later
  • “Needs Follow Up”: 7 days later
  • “Plans To Visit”: 21 days later

If a follow-up visit is generated for a visit, the notes will indicate this as “Follow up previous visit…” The date created will reflect the number of days since the previous visits (e.g. a visit completed today with a result of “Plans to Visit” will result in a visit with a date created 21 days in the future).

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Print Visit

To print an existing visit, first find the visit.

Click the “Print” link in the “Options” column of the search results.

Print the page that is created in the web browser.

Click the “Map” or “Directions” link to generate another page with a map of the visit location or directions from the church to the visit location.

Print the map page or directions page in the web browser.

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When a Person Visits the Church

Give the person a visitor card to fill out.

Save the visitor card to a file.

Send the person a visitor follow-up letter. There should be a version for in-town and out-of-town visitors.

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Add Decision

Click the “Decisions” link on the main outreach page. Click the “Add Decision” link on the list page. Enter the required fields (date, person making decision, counselor, service, decision type). All other fields are optional. Click the “Submit” button to submit the new decision.

If the person making the decision is not in the directory, click the “Directory” link on the decision list page before attempting to add the decision, and add the family and person to the directory. See the instructions for adding families and adding people to the directory.

A decision is automatically added for visits that result in a decision (e.g. person gets saved as the result of a visit).

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Missions Kiosk

The missions component of Web Church Manager can displayed in a kiosk such as a touchscreen missions kiosk in your church foyer. The computer used to host the kiosk must be connected to the internet.

Any kiosk program that provides access to web content can be used, but Shining Light Technologies recommends Kioware Lite. Shining Light Technologies provides a configuration template for Kioware Lite that will allow you to quickly set up your Kioware application once you have purchased, downloaded, and installed it on your computer.

After Kioware Lite is installed on the computer that will host the kiosk, save the configuration template to the computer. Open the KioWare Lite Config Tool. Select File->Load Settings from File. Browse to the configuration template and select the file. On the General config screen, modify the Start Page URL to include the ClientID of your church. On the General config screen, set a new passcode for Kioware Lite Shutdown. Then select File->Save to Local Settings.

Kioware Lite will timeout after 90 seconds of inactivity. To change the inactivity timeout, modify the Screen Saver Wait Time. When Kioware Lite times out, it will automatically load the page(s) specified by the Screen Saver setting. The is currently configured to use the Missions Kiosk Attract page supplied by Shining Light Technologies. You can override this setting to point to your own screen saver page(s) by modifying the Screen Saver setting.

Launch Kioware Lite. To exit Kioware Lite, click on the top left, then top right, then bottom right, then bottom left area of the screen. Enter the 4 digit passcode that you configured.

Kioware Lite will only allow access to websites that you add to the Access List in the Kioware Lite configuration. This guarantees that Kiosk users will not be able to access inappropriate content. Add to the Access List any websites that correspond to your missionaries and mission boards.

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Integrate Missions Into Church Website

The missions component of Web Church Manager can be integrated into your website so that the public can view your missionary profiles without logging into Web Church Manager. A link to the missions component is added to your church website, thus making it appear as if the missions component is part of your website.

Add the following text (could use an image as well) where you want the link to appear on your website, replacing 1002 with the client ID of your church:


If you want to display the missions component in a new window, add the following to the hyperlink: target=”_blank”.

If you do not open the missions component in a new window, the user can navigate back to your website by selecting the link to your church that is provided on the missions page.

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Edit Missionary

Find the Missionary to be edited.

Click the “Edit Profile” link at the bottom of the profile page.

Make the desired changes to the missionary’s profile.

Click the “Submit” button to finalize the changes.

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Add Missionary

When your church takes on a new missionary for support, the missionary should be added to the website.

In the missions window, select any continent, then click the “Add Missionary” link.

Fill in as much information as possible about the missionary. The country must be selected in order for the missionary to be listed under the appropriate county and continent.

Click the “Submit” button to add the missionary.

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View Missionary

First, find the missionary.

Missionary profile display includes the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Picture
  • Country Flag
  • Prayer Letter
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Find Missionary

In the missions window, select the continent where the missionary serves, or click the “List All” link to list all missionaries supported by your church.

Click the missionary’s name to access the missionary’s profile.

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