Join Church

Add the family to the directory if the family has not already been added.

The procedure for joining the church varies slightly between baptism and transfer, and the differences are highlighted in this procedure. This procedure is intended to be applied to each person individually. For example, if a family with two teenagers is joining the church, this procedure will be followed for each parent and each teenager.

If the person is joining by transfer:

If the new member meets the age requirements to have a deacon assigned, assign a deacon to the new member by following the procedure for adding a person to a group roster. To determine which deacon to assign to the new member, use the method defined for your church. Prepare a memo to the deacon indicating that a new person has been added to his deacon's list.

Give offering envelopes to the new member if the member meets the age requirements to have offering envelopes. This is typically done for the head of household only. In the Directory window, edit the head of household profile to include the offering envelope number assignment.

Prepare a welcome letter and/or membership certificate for the new member.

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