Membership Status

Each person in the directory is assigned one of the following membership status values:



Not Interested Indicated not interested


Attended at least once

Occasional Attender

Attends occasionally, but not a member

Regular Attender Attends regularly, but not a member

Active Member

Active member who attends faithfully


Was a member, but did not stay faithful

Shut-in Member

Member unable to attend regularly

Absent Member

Away at college, military, etc


Never attended, prospect for outreach

Unknown Status is not known


Member who has passed away

Former Member Disgruntled former member
Do Not Contact Disgruntled, do not bother
Moved Former member, moved out of area
Former Attender Was attending, but did not stay faithful

To change a person’s membership status, see the instructions for editing a person.

When a person's status is changed to Inactive, Former Member, Former Attender, or Moved, the person's username and password is automatically cleared so that the person can no longer login to Web Church Manager. Also, the person is automatically removed from all groups except for family.

See Also: Death, New Birth, Add Person, Edit Person