Add Visit

A visit can be added before is it assigned, or a visit can be added after it has already completed.

Click the “Visits” link in the Outreach window.

Click the “Add Visit” link.

Enter the required fields (person visited and visit reason).  All other fields are optional, and may be entered later by editing the visit, i.e. after the visit is assigned or after the visit is completed.

Click the “Submit” button to submit the new visit.

If the person to be visited is not in the directory, click the “Directory” link on the visit list page before attempting to add the visit, and add the person to the directory.

A visit is automatically added for decisions that require a visit (e.g. person visits the church or person gets saved).  Also, a visit is automatically added for completed visits that require follow-up.  The creation date of the follow-up visit will be set in the future (typically 1-3 weeks, depending on the visit result), so future visits do not need to be assigned until the appropriate time.

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