Website Migration

Your church website can be migrated to the hosting plan included with your Shining Light Technologies software subscription.


In order to perform the migration, you will need the FTP username and password for the hosting plan included with your Shining Light Technologies software subscription.


To login to the hosting plan control panel, go to, and login using your FTP username and password.  From the control panel, you can manage your website files, view site statistics, submit your site to search engines, etc.  For more details regarding features, please visit 


To transfer your domain name, you must provide the authorization code of your domain name from your current domain name registrar.  Your domain name registration information can be found by searching for your domain name at  Contact your domain name registrar and ask for the authorization code.  Then send the authorization code to  The transfer request will be submitted to your current domain registrar, and you will be required to confirm the transfer via the administrative contact email address of your domain name.


If you already have a registered domain name, and wish to keep the current domain registration, you will need to update your domain name registration to point to the following domain name servers for

Primary =

Secondary =

Once this is done, the domain name will take approximately 24-48 hours to propagate to the domain name servers, at which point the content on the hosting plan will load for your website instead of the content on your old hosting plan.  Once the migration is complete, you can cancel your old hosting plan.


Even though your website hosting is moved to Aplus net, you will still be responsible for renewing your domain name when it expires. If you are not sure who registered your domain name, where your domain name is pointing to currently, or when your domain name will expire, go to and enter your domain name.


For options on integrating your website with the dynamic content provided with the Shining Light Technologies software package, review the Website Integration help topic.